To The Daily Sun,

How does everyone here in greater Laconia like the rising prices? Well Mr. Joe Biden promised not to raise most of our taxes but never mentioned how he would cause the highest rate of inflation in 31 years. I'm guessing most of you, like my wife and I, heat with oil as our primary source? Unlike most of you we are retired so do not have to drive to and from work every day so the high price of gas doesn't hit us as hard but how about you? Will you be rushing out to buy a brand new shiny electric car? See how wonderful these "Build Back Better" plans are helping you? And it's only costing us $1.2 trillion.

Coming attractions, The Green New Deal and for only some three trillion more. Yup and just think how effective killing hundreds of thousands or millions of cows will be? So how long will the waiting time be until China can build and ship all those solar panels here to the Lakes Region? Don't expect them this winter, not with all the transport backups (caused by COVID?) Will Mr. Biden give and install them for you for free? Better read the fine print on that GND bill closely.

Then all those electric heavy trucks to carry all that stuff we already can't get. By the way the engines for those trucks do not even exist yet and are not scheduled to until 2040. Better late then never?

So think about this, the GND is so impractical as to be impossible to improve most of us alive today's lives and will only cause great hardships and unnecessary expenses to us all. Keep this in mind when you pay for gas and heat and when the elections come around again.

Steve Earle


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