To The Daily Sun,

“The more observations you have, the better”.

After seven years plus of commissions, studies, assessments, public input, and all with observations, it is said we need more observations.

I applauded the forming of this present commission on the State School property with the hope that we would finally have answers to the questions that are in front of them as well as they were in front of us seven years ago, following the closure of property in 2009.

Since then, state law in July,2011 directed DAS to offer the property in a specific manner.

— In June 2011 the commission to evaluate use of facility formed in 2009, headed by former Mayor Lahey made their final report after a long investigative study, asking the state to make an appraisal.

— September 2011, DOT released appraisal for three parcels at total market value of $2.1 million.

— August 2012, the county declined the States offer to purchase property for $1.7 million.

— October 2012, the state issued an RFP to select a real estate firm to market property.

— February 2013, contract approved with Jones Lang Lasalle Americas to market property until May 2013. Two inquiries. No offers. Now it is suggested we go with real estate developers. Hello!

— July 2015, the state directs DAS to offer property for sale. DAS planned to hire broker in summer of 2016.

Obviously, no sale was ever made. In the meantime, the maintenance of this property ran $385,000.00 a year. In addition, $260,000.00 from capital budget was spent to repair roofs over the years. This past year the water system failed and was shut down.

In the meantime, Credere Associastes, LLC did a preliminary cleanup estimate on one building. Their estimate made by extrapolating existing data came in at approximately $3 million. Another report by Enviro Vantage came in with a figure of $5 million. The date of these reports were in 2013 and five years later, the degree of problems has heightened. Some of the problems were asbestos in flooring, pipe insulation, window glazing and roof. Lead paint, hazardous materials and mold throughout the building.

Now, this new commission is paying for another in depth assessment. The have also asked for a study on the feasibility of the developing this property.

It would seem to me that these two studies should have been the first order of business before you try to determine what you want there.

Mr. Cheney is correct. There is always one more thing but it seems like we are still asking the same questions and getting the same answers.

Brenda Baer


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