To The Daily Sun,

I applaud that you print letters from a range of political perspectives. However, a simple journalistic fact check would have found multiple false and/or misleading statements in the Nov. 8, letter from Don Ewing, titled “Middle- and low-income Americans will suffer under 'fair share' tax plan.”

Just to be clear on my perspective. I am an immigrant, now a proud American citizen and New Hampshire resident. I am a retired entrepreneur and an unapologetic capitalist. I spent my career providing good jobs for my employees, valuable products for our clients and millions for my investors.

I have run my life based on accurate information. So, when I read letters like this, I feel obliged to respond. I have faith that my independent-thinking neighbors will not be swayed by its extremist rhetoric. But sadly, this is all the once-proud Republican party has to offer these days. But I’m still sure that Granite Staters are too smart to ally themselves with the conspiracy theorists, personality cults, anti-science and voodoo economics that the GOP now embraces.

As to Mr. Ewing’s Nov. 8, missive. Where to start?

“Middle income and poor Americans always suffer when Democrats talk about making the rich pay their fair share.” Always? When has this happened, exactly? Just one specific example would be helpful. Actually, poor and middle-income Americans suffer from stagnant wages, unaffordable homes, healthcare and higher education, all due to Republican policies. The transfer of money into the hands of the very rich has been engineered by the right. Trickle down never worked and handing someone a flag doesn’t help pay the bills.

“The Democrats bill includes new taxes and regulations which exceed those in China.” China? Really? Please educate me on this one too.

“But taxes will go up for middle income earners, even for some people earning less than $50,000 annually.” Wow. That would be horrible. First I’ve heard of it, though.

“They won’t fix the ‘carried interest’ feature that allows billionaires to reduce their taxes.” The legislation actually does fix this loophole. I’m familiar with this as it is used by private equity firms to avoid tax. My company was bought by private equity and I watched while they cut jobs (my employees) and lined their pockets.

“Over half of the $1.75 trillion spending is ‘climate change’ related.” Is Mr. Ewing not a climate change believer? How anyone who enjoys the clean air and natural beauty of this state doesn’t support reducing pollution, I don’t understand.

Mr. Ewing goes on, derisively, in a similar vein. But rather than continue point by ridiculous point, I’d like to make an offer. I’d be happy to buy Mr. Ewing a cup of coffee in Meredith, so we can have a polite, informed, mutually beneficial exchange of views. I’m sure Mr. Ewing is sincere in his concern for the low and middle-income Americans about whom he speaks. I’d sincerely like to understand how this concern translates into the statements he made in his letter.

Sean Kavanagh

Center Harbor

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Jay Newton

I also would like to hear specific examples of how low and middle income people would suffer under the “fair share” tax plan.

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