To The Daily Sun,

I announce my candidacy for the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Carroll County District 8: Moultonborough, Tamworth, Madison, Brookfield, Eaton, Effingham, Freedom, Wakefield.

Together, with my husband and our family, we have resided in Moultonborough for 42 years. We love this place, this county, our state. This is home.

Our community is both diverse in thinking and cohesive in spirit. We are neighbors and friends. We cheer for each other, support our kids and sit next to each other on the bleachers and in our church pews; however, it’s been a hard few years as our state and country pulls at the seams.

We need common sense ideas and common sense solutions, unifiers and brave forward thinkers. We need to honor the traditions of this place and preserve our NH values.

As the mother of those serving and the mother and daughter of veterans, I simply understand. As a former school board member and PTA president, I am running to put our public schools first. Our economy is dependent on a balanced budget, fiscal responsibility and low taxes.

I am passionate about women’s health care, clean air and water, how our gardens grow and how we manage to put food on our tables.

I have a deep conviction that to serve our neighbors, community and country is where we find common ground. It is where we minister to each other.

I ask you to please join me in this campaign for better.

It is my desire to get to know many of you as the campaign season picks up. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the summer and the family visits, hikes and swims, in this beautiful place we all call home.

Sandra Ringelstein


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