To The Daily Sun,

Bernie Sanders has been chasing politics longer than flies have been chasing garbage trucks. Given Sanders’ surge, we owe it to ourselves to look under the hood beyond his well-rehearsed sound bites.

If there’s any candidate playing to the envy flaw in humans, it’s Bernie Sanders. Especially the weakness of young people. Almost all of them with “zero economic skin in the game”. It’s no wonder the under-30 crowd flock to Bernie like he’s Santa Claus. He’s pulling a sack stuffed with trillions. It’s a corrupted quid pro quo: Sanders’ money for your vote. The young with nothing to lose have every umbrella in America upside down to catch Sanders’ helicopter drop of thousand-dollar bills. Money earned by hardworking, ordinary people. Bernie knows how to spend money better than the people who earned it. That always strikes me as the great irony and hypocrisy of his message. Sanders’ candidacy is at the center of stirring America’s hate-filled, partisan divide.

Let’s get the portrait right. This is a man whose socialist tendencies begin in his toenails. It wasn’t all that many years ago Sanders said “democracy means pubic ownership of the major means of production”. In his early years, Sanders proposed the nationalization of all utilities. A few years later, Sanders demanded a takeover of the entire energy industry by government. By the 1980s, Sanders worked with the Socialist Workers Party ( SWP), a communist group that channeled Leon Trotsky’s ideas. Sanders endorsed the SWP’s presidential nominee. He was active in campaign rallies for them. The SWP expressed views openly hostile to U.S. best interests while Bernie agreed with many of them.

In his heart of hearts, Bernie Sanders despises private enterprise. That’s why every other word out of Bernie’s mouth is “greed”. Sanders’ hate is rooted in his inability to control and tweak it to his latest whim. Communism and socialism are the antichrists of individualism and capitalism. They’re the main difference that have long differentiated the U.S. from socialist Europe and Russia since the Mayflower. A path that has produced the greatest prosperity to the most people of any country on earth. It’s why we have to build walls to keep people out and no one else does. Are you folks asleep? WAKE UP!

If Sanders had his druthers, all private enterprise would be under lifelong political bureaucrats like him that don’t know a payroll from a jelly roll. People who have lived their entire careers on the backs of and out of the wallets of taxpayers.

That America would be seriously considering a socialist, hate-lugging, people-dividing, economy-killing, socialist crackpot like Bernie Sanders for president is causing considerable barfing among our founders. Sanders’ candidacy sinks the Democratic party to new lows.

Tony Boutin


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