To The Daily Sun,

Sept. 13 - 19 marks 2020 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. I would like to give a hearty arm-pumping shout-out to the professional men and women who operate trucks locally or across this great country.

The trucking industry contributes to every part of the American way of life. Over 80 percent of all U.S. communities depend solely on the trucking industry.

The vast majority of truckers are proud of their profession and CDL license and accident-free careers. Their job is demanding and dangerous. They take seriously the great responsibility they hold every time they get behind the wheel.

Since Covid came around we have all heard the praise for these essential front-line truckers. Yet, on the road they have faced many extra hardships that are over and above the norm. Ask any trucker, particularly one that drives long-haul, about the extra challenges they have faced this year. It is disheartening to hear so much praise, but in reality see so few actual concessions.

Please join me this week in thanking truckers for all they do for us by being extra courteous to them on the road. If you have the lucky chance to meet a trucker in person, let him or her know that they are appreciated!

Thank you truckers!

Rosie Homer


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