To The Daily Sun,

Ineptitude, naivete, irony. Following its inept and tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan, which left behind many American citizens, green card holders and Afghan helpers where they naively relied on the “good businessmen” of the Taliban to assist the U.S. withdrawal and form an inclusive government, the Biden administration tried to divert our attention by focusing on the continuing coronavirus pandemic. President Joe Biden, breaking an earlier promise, now advocates mandatory vaccination for U.S. residents and workers. His minions like Scott Cracraft and Elizabeth Gabel advocate for a “one size fits all” standard of mandatory vaccination status in order to hold a job and endless universal masking. The same group that declares “my body, my choice” when it comes to abortion, denies that to the millions of recovered COVID infected people have twice the antibodies of a vaccinated person according to scientific evidence from the Cleveland Clinic and the State of Israel and therefore have natural immunity and don’t need the shot. Then there is the irony. In defiance of American immigration law, the Biden administration has instituted an open borders policy on the U.S. southern border. Every day thousand of migrants illegally cross areas like the Rio Grande into the U.S. The numbers are overwhelming and have created a humanitarian crisis. These migrants are not required to be vaccinated and a significant number are infected with COVID. Worst of all, many of these migrants have been rounded up in buses and planes and dispersed to other parts of the country. Talk about a super spreader of the coronavirus! There seems to be one standard for Americans and another lesser standard for illegal migrants.

Combined with profligate spending, inflation, and a retreat from energy independence in favor of climate change as the biggest threat to America (not China, Russia or North Korea), is this the change that a bare majority of people voted for in 2020? 

Richard R. Gerken


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You just summed up 4 years of Dumpy.

Alan Moon

Things were going fairly smoothly until the day Biden took office. All he had to do was eat some pudding and take a nap.

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