To The Daily Sun,

The ongoing pandemic is about to make a very significant impact on our local justice system, which has been shut down for the entire month of April due to “shelter in place” measures to address the spread of Covid-19. Taxpayers of this state simply should not be paying for lost causes being brought to trial by local prosecutors. At this crucial time, county attorneys must shed the dead weight and stop pursuing meaningless cases that will not make any significant impact on crime or community safety.

I wound up entangled in my own case (prosecuted by Belknap County Attorney Andrew Livernois) nearly two full years ago. Right after delivering firewood in a snowstorm in 2018, I slid into a small ditch just off the road. A uniformed officer showed up first. He persisted I get a wrecker while I was trying to call the hotline for roadside assistance from the rental truck company. I refused, knowing I did not have the money to pay for that kind of tow. Eventually the uniformed officer left. Two other people stopped who were later identified as N.H. Attorney General’s Drug Task Force detectives. They were dressed as loggers.

These “agents” of the state, paid for by your tax dollars, proceeded to manufacture six serious felonies against me and charge me with offenses that threatened me with 53 years of prison time for trying to help someone out. During a time when resources were sorely needed to combat the ongoing opioid crisis, the state’s Drug Task Force decided to invent an intricate case against me after I gave an agent a business card and discussed only firewood with him when he stopped to supposedly help me out.

The Drug Task Force is still actively spending an awful lot of wasteful time on cannabis prosecutions like this one, and it’s a lost cause beyond lost causes paid for by your taxes. More states are legalizing recreational marijuana use every year. Every state around New Hampshire is already allowing their citizens to partake in a vast array of available regulated cannabis products. One of the components of Cannabis — CBD oil — is being touted in many circles as a natural miracle cure for pain. Even mainstream drug stores are selling products with CBD oil in them for this purpose.

When does New Hampshire wake up and see the writing on the wall here? Andrew Livernois, your county attorney, gives an NFL football player with a house in Meredith a walk on cocaine charges, but I’m on my way to trial. Please look into your county attorney’s history. Google “Andrew Livernois, Drug Task Force” and read all about how I tried to resolve the case. Livernois stonewalled my efforts to expose corruption in law enforcement, and he’s still trying to paint me as public enemy number one in my ongoing case. There is even more material on my case and Livernois’ link to a civil case against the Drug Task Force at

Rich Bergeron


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