To The Daily Sun,

As of July 1, 2019 there had been a turnover of 17 positions in our Sanbornton town administration over the past five years or so. Four of these were town administrators. With the recent resignations of the deputy town clerk in July and more recently the town clerk/tax collector the number has risen to 19 new replacements.

Now if we put on our thinking caps for a few minutes, what conclusions would you draw from this process? Would you think that we had 19 incompetent people in our employ? Truth is that we had some very qualified and productive people in all positions but they didn’t get along with the Board of Selectmen for the most part. So working for the town of Sanbornton became very uncomfortable for them.

If only it was possible to do a study in regards to the cost of all the inconvenience, gaps in the normal daily administrative functions, the hiring and training process of new employees, not to mention increased salary cost that normally play a role in replacement hiring. Where does that money come from? You will find out when you get your next tax bill.

Now is the best time to start thinking March 2020 election. If you think Town Meeting is a waste of your precious time, believe me, it could be the most lucrative four hours of your life if you help put a stop to the out of control lack of stewardship of your tax dollars!

Jack Robinson


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