To The Daily Sun,

In December of 1972 I flew B-52 missions over Hanoi, North Vietnam.

You are wondering what this had to do with being a representative in Concord. It parallels with the veto votes we made recently. We’ve gone through a long period of legislative “victories” passed by the opposition party, like the devastation by the North to the South Vietnamese villagers who opposed them. You could either cooperate with the North or you and your family suffered.

For years we used restrictive tactics in our bombing that prolonged rather than prevented the North’s advance. We treated the problem solution with one incremental move after another. We limited the areas we could bomb. We limited the days (never on Christmas). Our POW numbers just kept growing and the South kept suffering. We knew that large scale bombing by the B-52s would bring about a solution, but wouldn’t employ them for a myriad of reasons.

This is similar to what recently happened in Concord. A large pile of legislation was passed that would be devastating to the citizens of New Hampshire on issues like guns, energy, education, and even an income tax. That legislation was put on the governor’s desk. Finally he reached the limit of watching the North (I mean the Democrats) trash pile up. He used his red pen to veto 50+ bills and we, Republicans, sustained all but one. We had enough minority votes to prevent the required a two-thirds majority to override. It was like that over Hanoi — I was told to expect losses near one third, but we kept our losses to less than 5 percent. After 11 days, the North capitulated and our POW’s, my friends came home.

Next year we will be treated to the same bat guano legislation again. (The same vetoed legislation was filed the day after we voted to sustain the vetoes.) Thankfully the governor has the plenty of ink remaining in his veto pen. We Republicans will use these successes and the ones next year to regain the majority in the House. Sure the North finally kicked the USA out in 1975 because we refused to learn the lesson that a negotiated peace and incremental tactics don’t work. I am not sure Republicans will learn this fact either. However, I did. I flew 300 missions in Viet Nam so I will hang in for a few more over Concord.

Dave Testerman

Representative to Hill and Franklin


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