To The Daily Sun,

I am a freshman legislator in the New Hampshire House. I am happy to report that 77 percent of the bills that were heard in my committee, Commerce and Consumer Affairs, were unanimously passed in committee as either “Ought to Pass” — or not. Think about that — for three out of every four bills, the Republicans and Democrats agree. These bills are then included in the “Consent Calendar” and passed in one vote when we meet for Session in Representatives Hall. Only 17 of our bills were debated on the floor, and those are the bills that you hear about on the news.

Please remember this when you hear the media reports that no one can get along. Our committee is polite, civil, and even fun. We can laugh together and respectfully kid each other, even while we discuss difficult issues. I suspect the same happens in Washington more than we know, because the media do not report about the dog that doesn’t bite. There are surely people in both parties who have their fists up, ready to punch, but there are many others who are willing to work together with respect.

Rep. Joyce Weston (D)

House District Grafton 8


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