To The Daily Sun,

We are writing to urge the residents of Carroll County District 4 to vote for Caroline Nesbitt for your representative on November 6. We have known Caroline for over 40 years and know that her support for the environment, good and equal education and adequate health care for all has been consistent over the years. The only thing new is that she is now willing to work for all of us as a representative in order to try to make things happen in the Legislature.

Caroline Nesbitt is a good listener, a keen observer and a team player. She will work well with both Republicans and Democrats to ensure the people of N.H. can continue to benefit from clean air and water and a protected environment for the next generations. She will advocate for those who do not have adequate health care and live in fear of being homeless if they have medical bills. She is committed to fighting the opioid crisis from many different angles. She will look and listen to educational funding issues in N.H., believing that it is not fair for the children in one town to have vastly superior education compared to children in another town. And she will be there for small business and artists, which are so important to the economic vitality of our state and communities.

Caroline will work to try to reach out to all the citizens of our district so that each one of us can feel heard, regardless of political affiliation. If you are tired of the divisiveness, sound bites, and anger in politics we suggest you look at the information about Caroline Nesbit and talk with her if you have the opportunity. We know you will appreciate her honesty, openness and willingness to work hard for the people of N.H.

Frances Strayer & Rich Benton


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