To The Daily Sun,

NEARLY EVERY WEEK, Americans and others continue to die due to the ongoing U.S. war on Afghanistan. That war was started by U.S., some 18 years ago. Who knows, who remembers, who cares about this brutal, ugly war? Not many of us ...

U.S. atrocities and horribly damaged U.S. military are numerous, yet ... the beat goes on. Mindlessly?

Foreign invaders into Afghanistan have been numerous over history — from ancient imperial China through imperial Britain and the communist Soviet Union, and now the United States —  and, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, HAVE BEEN DRIVEN OUT OF AFGHANISTAN IN HUMILIATION, DISGRACE AND DEFEAT. For all practical purposes, U.S., too, has failed in Afghanistan — at a terrible cost of blood and treasure. Thanks to all in American government who have their hands in this war, wasting precious lives and money.

Shouldn't Americans be singing "We won't be fooled again?"

Sorry. Americans failed to learn the lessons of history (again) in the disastrous and vastly destructive invasion of Vietnam, where U.S. joined the long list of failed nations who attempted to occupy and control Vietnam, which history tells us NEVER HAS BEEN DEFEATED IN A THOUSAND YEARS. U.S. presidential hubris to send away our sons ...

My own twin young adult sons recently registered for selective service — e.g. the draft — as legally required. Drawing upon our family's long history over generations of military service, I advise my beloved, fine sons: In concept, if you join the U.S. military, I will be very proud of you. HOWEVER I WOULD THINK IT A TRAGIC WASTE IF YOU WIND UP SENT TO SOME USELESS CONFLICT BECAUSE SOME CRACKERJACKS IN WASHINGTON DECIDE THAT INVADING SOME GODFORSAKEN PLACE IS A GOOD IDEA.

I tell my sons: If New Hampshire were being invaded, I would be "on the line" with you. But "Sandy Arabia", or somesuch ...?

Americans are very skilled at "Forgetting" wars which end in stalemate, or in defeat.

Continuing casualties in Iraq? Oh, that war is over, isn't it? In the Middle East and North Africa? Oh, is the U.S. there?

Afghanistan, join the club of America's failed, forgotten wars: 1812, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Middle East, etc. ...

Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it.

Michael Harris, PhD 


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Alan Moon

Good news for you then Mr. Harris! President Trump has closed 5 military bases in Afghanistan today as part of the peace deal with the Taliban. Tell your boys they are lucky there isn't any draft like when We were young.

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