To The Daily Sun,

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself as a third generation Laconian who cares about this fine city. My grandparents all began their early lives here, employed at Laconia Malleable Iron, the knitting mill, etc. My parents were born here at Laconia Hospital, and both attended Laconia schools through graduation. I was born here, also at Laconia Hospital, graduated from Laconia High School class of 1968), and have remained here until present. Our son, again, was born at Laconia Hospital and graduated from Laconia schools. My career path has included serving as an educator, both at the Laconia State School and Training Center for 16 years and at Spaulding Youth Center for 25 years. My wife was employed for 24 years in the Laconia school system as well. None of this educational experience includes any study in journalism, so I am not certain that it will qualify my writing of this letter to this paper. However, even more peculiar still, is the notion that whether, or not, an individual bears children should serve as a qualifier, or a disqualifier, to pursue a position on the local school board. This is a most ridiculous suggestion. What kind of twisted, bizarre logic is this, I ask you?

Now, the New Hampshire School Board Association law stipulates, only, that school board members meet the following requirements: must be registered in the district they wish to represent; cannot be serving as moderator, treasurer or auditor; and cannot be a salaried employee of SAU, or any district in SAU, they wish to represent. That is it. There is no mention of having born children as a precursor to being a candidate for school board member.

So, to me, the better candidate for this position should possess the following: firstly, possess a willingness to serve with dedication; then, prove to be a great listener to all facts, opinions and input, while demonstrating an ability to process this information into a productive result; and finally, show conscientiousness and determination in further enhancing student achievement. These traits should go a long way in insuring an ideal candidate, worthy of the position. Through my educational experience and local upbringing, I unequivocally believe that Jennifer Anderson is the best candidate for school board at large.

Michael Brough


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