To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to Walmart, CVS and other stores requiring face masks: 

Let’s put this situation into perspective. I would like to educate you on what is actually happening in our area and in our state. That is, if you care. As of today, our official tally for New Hampshire (data:, as of July 16) in terms of CURRENT positive cases, shows Laconia having between 1-4 cases, Gilford having between 1-4 cases. Same with Tilton, Sanbornton, Franklin, Alton, Wolfeboro. ZERO current cases by the way in New Hampton, Meredith, Belmont, Gilmanton, Loudon.

I would like to add that a current positive case, at the same time, does NOT actually mean very much, in of itself. They may well be asymptomatic (meaning, they are not sick), or mildly ill, etc. In New Hampshire, right now there are only 22 current hospitalizations, for COVID. Of those there are currently ZERO hospitalizations in the ICU. Since the start of the “pandemic,” they say 395 people have died. The vast majority of those were elderly and additionally most were also at the same time in long-term-care or nursing home facilities  — over 82 percent. From age 0 through age 39, there has been one recorded death in the state — since the BEGINNING. Contrast that with the fact that we have 1.36 million (1,359,711) residents in our state ( So get out a calculator, and start crunching the numbers. WE DO NOT HAVE A PANDEMIC, FOLKS. Remember LRGH? They furloughed 600 because the hospital was EMPTY. Not full! This has happened by the way all over the country in the last few months.

Let’s compare all this to the true number one killer in our country for years: cardiovascular disease. According to the following article entitled, “Deaths from heart disease and these other conditions are on the rise, research suggests,” Jacqueline Howard writes:

“In 2017, total deaths by cause were 647,457 from heart disease, 146,383 from stroke, 83,564 from diabetes, and 35,316 from hypertension, the data showed.” (, article from Aug. 27, 2019)

We need to start to get a grip on reality. To all the boards of directors: there is absolutely NO VALID REASON to require face masks in your stores! Actually, the masks do far more harm than good. The article “Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID-19 Social Policy” by Denis G. Rancourt, PhD explains why that is, citing numerous scientific studies over many years: (

Masks, including the N-95, were never meant to block viruses. Please read the article, get educated, and reverse the policy, instead of falling victim to “groupthink!”

But these facts I present surely do not fit your corporate narratives, do they? It does not fit your collective NEW WORLD ORDER dystopian future agenda. First, the MASK of the beast for all! Later, the MARK of the beast for all! It is a very dangerous, and misguided, agenda.

WAKE UP folks.

Melanie Grasso


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