To The Daily Sun,

There are many health care workers who have lost their jobs. The government and medical bureaucrats are terminating their employment for refusing to accept inoculation with an experimental mRNA product. It is a product shown to not provide immunity and it does not prevent transmission of the virus. The first question is: Why should the government have the power to force people into experiments?

These health care workers are not given a coercion-free choice. It should be their decision because it is their body and their health being put at risk. They should not have to be forced into participation in a health care experiment. It is wrong that they are forced to decide between having a job or risking their life.

Because this is happening, there is a shortage of health care workers. Your government is creating a health care worker shortage. The medical industry is complicit. The action is putting health care workers unnecessarily at risk. It is suppressing freedom of choice. It is driving up health care costs and likely reducing quality of care.

Apparently none of that is a big deal to Janet Mills, governor of Maine. Her plan is to just replace health care workers with the National Guard. They’re the same thing anyway, right? The second problem is the governor is accepting no responsibility for creating the shortage.

Gov. Janet Mills is activating the Maine National Guard to augment short health care staffing. She wants federal help for two beleaguered hospitals. Health care is not an area the federal government should be involved in. Constitutionally this falls under the responsibility of each state.

This is an extraordinary and dangerous response. Let’s think about this before acting. Maine hospitals are struggling. They probably are near capacity.

Maine called upon the National Guard last year to help stand up temporary hospitals in the event hospitals were overwhelmed. Those measures were never put in place. The number of open beds statewide is the lowest that it has been during the coronavirus panic.

This time, in Maine hospitals, Guard members will be administering monoclonal antibodies. This is a therapy aimed at treating more serious cases of COVID. These Guard members will be deployed to hospitals starting next week through the end of January.

Here’s the thing, the strategy is an attack on the freedom of all people of Maine. This is an absolute insult to nurses and health care professionals. This is coercion, tyranny. This is martial law on a limited scale. The information is not available for people to give informed consent. Therein lies the rub.

In order to become a health care worker, there is a lot of education required. It requires talent, time, money, and effort. What the governor of Maine is doing by replacing health care workers with the National Guard is saying, in the past we’ve been paying unnecessarily for medical professionals.

If they can be replaced with someone without training and experience, then what is all of their work for to begin with? Why have we paid a premium for their services? Tyranny spreads quickly.

Marc Abear


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More BS comments from this Dimwit in the peanut gallery, the only people that are stressing out the healthcare systems and healthcare workers are the real jerks and dopes who refuse to get vaccinated, and that is an indisputable fact!

I can only hope that Dimwits like you have such a small audience that you would fill a phonebooth if they were still around.

It's always pretty clear when someone traffics in lies, conspiracy nonsense and other garbage that you perpetuate, spend a lot of time on QAnon trash sites to get your misinformation.


Wow, where do you get you information?

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