To The Daily Sun,

A recent comment by a leader in the Democratic Party, Governor Cuomo, received a great deal of attention. The Governor said, "America was never that great." Many Democrats in the audience were standing there in amazement.

A close look at where the Democratic Party is going under the leadership of people like this is truly revealing. Many of these people have an ingrained disdain for this country. They have little use for the military or police. They see little value in defending those principles that have formed the foundation for the greatest democracy in the world.

I remember staring at the thousands of white stone markers next to the cliff at Omaha Beach in Normandy years ago. The experience can take your breath away. Soldiers who gave their lives to protect the ideals of this country. What would they think if they heard this rhetoric today?

Kenneth L. Bowers


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Although Mr. Cuomo is the 56th and current Governor of New York, hence he is a leader, he is a Democrat so he in effect is a leader WITHIN the Democratic Party, the letter leaves room to construe that he is leader of the Democratic Party, and he is not. Huge difference. He does not speak on behalf of the party any more that my writings speak on behalf of this paper.

Alan Moon

JW Veverka, religious tolerance? Who are you kidding?


On a civil level. One can debate and criticize religions without calling for discrimination. Try to think a little harder. Right wing America is not only ethnocentric, its anti any other religion but Christianity. Right wingers have used the state to try to prevent Muslims from building Mosques. Right wingers use the state to try to prevent Muslims from coming here. A lot of righties even hate Catholicism. Where Babylon nonsense. Criticizing an ideology, religious or political, is an intellectual endeavor, not intolerance. [beam]

Alan Moon

Says the Communist. You forgot Deplorable.


Akan Moon, Do you even know what Communism is? You don't just as Steve Earle doesn't. Right Wing nuts like to accuse anyone to the left of them of being Marxist-socialist. That's hysterical because it puts their abject ignorance on display. Socialism is when the state owns and operates the means of production and distribution of goods and services. That economic ideology is a total failure. Akways has been. In this country we have the national commons. In it are the military, postal service, law enforcement and first responders, communications and transportation infrastructure, and more I can't believe I have to teach you what Communism and socialism are. Keep me laughing. i am definitely laughing about Herr Trumpenfuhrer's making a fool of himself on an hourly basis. Lol


Nonsense. Everyone knows we've been a very successful nation but to achieve true greatness requires putting patriarchal sexism and misogyny, racism, religious intolerance, xenophobia, anti-LGBTQ hate behind us. GROW UP


They will never change, deplorable they are!


As should many Republicans!!!!

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