To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gov. Sununu:

After President Trump tweeted the possibility of delaying the November election, you told NHPR, "Make no mistake, our election is going to happen on November 3rd, end of story.”

However, according to NHPR you also told reporters the president's tweets on delaying elections had “no bearing” on your “continued political support for Trump.”

Governor, how can you support anyone who hints at subverting free elections, the very essence of our democracy? Why should we be expected to support you?

Of course, supporting the president underlies many of your decisions. For example, you are very aware of the need to wear masks. In a July 28 press conference you said of out-of-state visitors: “the number one message that we have…is, first, wear a mask. Maintain social distancing. It really can save lives. And we've put a lot of money behind that messaging and we're going to continue to do so.”

You added: “there have been cases where people are transmitting the virus in outdoor settings, on beautiful breezy days, if the crowds get too big. So when you can maintain that social distancing, please do so. And if you can't, be sure you're wearing a mask...that goes for the NASCAR race. It goes for Bike Week.”

In other words, the state could save a lot of money, and probably some lives, if you mandated wearing masks, but it is contrary to the wishes of the president and thus you believe not politically expedient for you. So there is a pattern here.

You also said at the news conference you were providing $1.5 million in scholarships for K-12 students to be used for attendance in private schools. That too is in line with the Trump and his education secretary Betsy DeVos politics, but what does it do for the New Hampshire counties that have too little income to support their public schools?

According to national polls, the majority of the American people are turning against this failed presidency. The politically and ethically correct thing to do is to denounce Trump’s incompetency and dangerous policies. Do it now to save your own political fortunes, to help save lives and to help save the Democracy.

Leonard Witt

North Sandwich

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