To The Daily Sun,

“Laugh, laugh, I thought I’d die” were the words to the Beau Brummel’s hit song in the ’60s, and I have to admit those words came to mind when I heard the left’s reaction to President Trump’s proposal to send all those good folks congested at the border trying to get into the U.S. to the sanctuary cities. Screams of “it’s illegal, immoral, you can’t dump them like rubbish, trash, garbage came from nearly every leftist politician who could find a camera to get in front of. Harsh terms coming from formerly great supporters of open borders, the more the merrier voices. Now I thought these sanctuary city types were telling us these folks were honest, hard-working people looking for a better life and would make our communities stronger, safer, and more prosperous? So what’s the problem, where did they expect the better life seekers to go? If I were among those, I would head right to those cities that promised to hide, protect and support me, wouldn’t you? So why not test out those claims — it’s a win-win situation. If the target cities do become those stronger, safer places, we need no longer debate the issue; if not, we no longer need to debate that issue and can move on to other problems. Seems to me the cities have the initial advantage, as they have already identified how it will work: tax the rich. Be interesting to see how this plays out.

Another thing I find interesting is how some people decide issues without having the benefit of facts or experience to rely on. Take Julia Davis’s letter last week where she is all in on the Anti-Defamation League’s statistics that say that 70-some percent of violent attacks in the U.S. were committed by white supremacists. I find something questionable there when we know that not all criminals that commit violent attacks are white supremacists; in fact, many are not even white. So maybe ADL was only counting assaults against Jews, could that be possible? She didn’t say, so really how reliable is this in the context she presents it? I still maintain that I have not seen even the left media headlining massive casualties here in the U.S. from the generally invisible boogy men white supremacists the left keeps trying to scare the little children with.

To be clear I’m all for the ADL protecting Jewish people here and elsewhere. I support Israel’s right to exist and defend itself from its Islamic neighbors who for centuries have called for the genocide of all Jewish people and, since 1948, have waged war and unceasing terrorist attacks against Israel and her people. (This is historical fact.) With that in perspective, Mr. Netanyahu’s spending money on weapons to defend his country with is perfectly appropriate. As for Gaza and its people who elected and support HAMAS (a terrorist organization) to rule the territory, they have only themselves to blame for any miseries that befall them.

Note here: At no time has Netanyahu or any other leader of Israel ever sought to exterminate anyone other then terrorists attacking them and their nation. That is a flat out lie spread by Israel’s enemies and repeated by anti-semitics who either don’t know the truth or don’t care about truth. On the other hand, Islam, by the command and example of Muhammad, is at war with all humanity until every human on earth is Muslim. Also ancient Romans, Greeks Crusaders, or other long-dead cultures are totally irrelevant today because it is only political Islam that, of all modern people, maintains it has the right by decree of God to rule the world and eliminate any who dissent.

Ms. Davis also has the idea that police are trying to silence blacks through brutality tactics. (Not that one or two blacks like Smollett or OSC might have been better-served by silence.) I find to be ludicrous. This is pure political narrative without any supporting facts. Ms. Davis is full of a lot of ideas like that which do not hold up to critical examination, especially her belief that Islamic terrorism is some kind of spontaneous reaction to poverty, hopelessness, or, of all things, global warming. It’s due to a lifetime of indoctrination in a religious/political ideology, period.

Steve Earle


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