To The Daily Sun,

This letter is for Governor Sununu and all Democrat and Republican representatives of N.H.

N.H. is a state surrounded by legalized marijuana states that are making multi-millions of dollars in tax revenues on its sales. Under strict guidelines for sales I believe it would be no worse than selling alcohol or cigarettes and vape products, where the state already makes a fortune in taxes.

I would suggest that if legalized the very first year of tax revenue should be put towards the State School property in Laconia. How about, 1. build a state-of-the-art homeless shelter for homeless Vietnam veterans throughout our state and all other homeless to come and live; 2. build a state-of-the-art drug rehab facility with a facility to train recovering addicts in a field they would enjoy working in when ready for release; 3, if everyone is so concerned about our young kids being involved with drugs, vape, and marijuana, why hasn’t someone developed an educational class on these issues in our schools to be taught at an early age of, say, 13-years-old. I believe if taught in the right way it would be a major deterrent for kids to get involved with it.

Lastly let’s say a hypothetical first-year tax was $35 million; build the facilities I describe on land the state already owns. The second year take half the revenue to staff the facility with trained professionals and the other half to put into the state’s tax base to spend on whatever the needs are.

P.S. millions of people use marijuana for medicinal purposes pain, anxiety, epilepsy, cancer, etc. Governor Sununu I suggest put politics and personal feelings aside do the right thing; legalize marijuana for the citizens who have to do it illegal and for the help of those in need and just as important the tax revenue. May God bless our great Republican Governor and may he keep you healthy and happy

Larry Young


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