To The Daily Sun,

A few weeks ago all four of those who represent us in Washington came back to New Hampshire. And for the few days they were home, they spent thousands of dollars on blasting our governor about the abortion bill that he signed. Abortion has many that support it and those who don't. Personally I find it very interesting that is such a serious problem. Personally I consider myself a true American. I am a four year Vietnam era veteran, I enlisted right after I graduated from high school, a 54-year member of my legion, Griggs Wyatt Post 33 Meredith.

As far as the abortion issue I think they're all scared to death that the governor might run for Maggie Hassan's Senate seat. It really worries me that we have so many important issues and they are only talking about one subject. And if they aren't worried about the governor, they better worry about Gen. Don Bolduc. The general is working hard and could be more competitive than many people think. After work with him I have loads of respect for him and his wife. Don't tell I have a little more respect for "Victor." Like myself I think many people out there are worried about more important things. Like leaving thousands behind. And I said it another time the president and all his generals have blood on their hands for the 13 of our troops that were killed. Than there is the big party going on at the Southern border with millions coming to our country, and not vaccinated or vetoed. Many of these are smuggling all kinds of people in, drugs, prostitution, selling children and many more discussing things. You don't have to worry the president and the vice president have not been to the border one time. I have to give the vice president credit, she did go to Texas, but she was 75 miles from the border and when she was asked a couple of questions what did she do? Laughed. Well she is nothing but a joke anyway.

The vaccine mandate and mask mandates all over the country are causing all kinds of problems. One hundred or one thousand people losing their jobs.

Alright all you people that that don't agree with the mask mandate with the school boards all over the country you better cool it, the crazy president has ordered the Department of Justice to put Federal Bureau of Investigation agents where parents are giving school boards trouble.

They are comparing them to those that attended the attack on our national capitol. I don't feel it is going to be hard to take the Senate and the House back.

But the president isn't doing that bad, he has brought his rating up, he has a favorable rating of 38 percent, that was a few days ago. It slipped couple more points since.

God Bless America, we sure could use his help.

L. Michael Hatch


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