To The Daily Sun,

So I have officially lost faith in humanity. We are now in a time when businesses can fire dedicated career employees for not wanting to have something injected into their bodies.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not an anti-vaxer, I have had all the usual vaccines in the past. The only difference being that those other vaccines had taken years to develop, to make sure there would be no long term effects. What makes me sick is the way this communist administration is pushing this vaccine through. Injecting a vaccine into your body has always been a personal medical decision. Now it has become either get the shot or we'll fire you, whether you've been a long time dedicated employee or not, whether your family will lose their home, be forced into a financial disaster, or worse. Your personal beliefs, morals or ethics do not matter anymore.

But, I have a question for you: If I get the vaccine and can test positive for COVID and can spread or transmit COVID, why am I being forced to receive an injection that is basically useless? It only prevents (me) from getting the symptoms of the virus. I am not afraid of the symptoms, I am afraid of the vaccine.

Well, the fear mongering worked, and the sheep are drinking the Kool-Aid. Millions of us human beings were forced to wear face diapers, or commie cloths that restricted our breathing. They even restricted our children's breathing, and that restriction is still in place in some schools that have just re-opened for the year.

By the way, I'd like to thank Mr. John Sellers and others that stood with me, advocating for our children's right to breathe while in school. Masks should have always been a personal choice. If you're scared of the virus, then wear a mask. If there is a mask mandate then we would be wearing masks for the rest of our lives. Because there will always be another variant, just like there is always different variants or strains of the FLU.

Also, banning unvaccinated people from events or places or travel should be illegal, because you are discriminating them based on a medical status. This is truly the most destructive, communistic administration this country has ever seen. What a shame!

When I have more time, I will talk about the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan. If you thought 9/11 was bad, now the terrorists have their own country, their own airports and their own passenger jets. Oh, and don't forget the billions worth of state of the art military equipment, vehicles and planes! After this, there should be NO Biden supporters left, good choice by the way!

All this because Trump hurt your feelings with a mean tweet. Man, I could go for a mean tweet right about now. For our children's sake, I hope this country isn't too far gone to bring back.

Joshua Reynolds

New Hampton

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To not vaccinate is selfish. Yes, the government can make you do things if it affects others.


It doesn't "only prevent the symptoms". The Covid-19 vaccine decreases the chances of hospitalization and death, and decreases spreading! It doesn't make you immune. It doesn't make you grow an extra arm, or pick up radio stations, or turn you into a "drone". What were all you people doing during science class? And you expect me to put my nieces lives in your hands? At the very least, educate yourselves about the actual facts! Your actions are endangering others, needlessly!


So sad for so many that you don’t care about others ONLY YOURSELF!


Put on your little cloth mask, get your vax, and worry about yourself. My body, my choice. Isn't that what you say when you're murdering a baby?


I'm fine with you not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine, as long as you live in a box, but it's Selfish Idiots like you that are responsible for the Delta variant of COVID spreading like wildfire in this country and now hospitalizing children.

This is the Flue, it's a Deadly Virus, it's hard to understand why Numbskulls like you don't get it.

There should be a Mandatory Mask Wearing in all public buildings, and in schools by children and adults, period.....Grow Up!


Correction: this isn't the flu,.....

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