To The Daily Sun,

We must decide if LIBERTY is worth standing for or live under totalitarianism!

We learned a lot from COVID-19 and got smarter about washing hands and why/when we should practice social distancing. Most face masks provide minimum protection because they are worn incorrectly, and people keep touching them. Go into a Walmart and see for yourself. If made to wear a mask then who will be the mask police, YOU? What’s next, only those who have a special ID’s can shop? Start using common sense and stop treading on my LIBERTIES.

Next, we need to open all businesses and allow all who want to shop, to shop (even those from other states). Last I knew we are in this together and we are the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, not divided states of America! If you do not want to shop at a business, then you have the LIBERTY to stay home but allow me to have my LIBERTY.

Lastly, this pandemic has caused more harm to our children than we may ever understand. We need to allow our kids to be kids. Stop frightening and damaging them. Already our high school and college seniors have lost out on many experiences which they will never get back. You have the LIBERTY to keep your child away from summer camp, sports and other activities, but allow me to have my LIBERTY.

I’ve talked to several kids and parents and they struggle doing school remotely. Some parents do not have the time, patience or skills. The kids suffer because they miss their friends, activities, sports and socializing. Breaking news (maybe not), we were not made to be isolated, God gave Adam, Eve to help him and to socialize with, otherwise we would not be here!

Isolate the sick, not the healthy. Do not let this virus be an excuse to destroy the Constitution and amendments and lose our LIBERTIES.

John Sellers


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