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The Coronavirus, The shutdown, Hydroxychloroquine, and other things:

The controversy over Hydroxychloroquine seems to be telling. I don't know about the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine but the way the debate over it is playing out in the media is telling. Look I'm just watching and trying to make sense of things.

The first that I'd heard of Hydroxychloroquine in relation to the coronavirus was from President Trump. Early on he said many doctors were reporting positive results using it. Some in combination with certain antibiotics. He recommended that it should be cleared for off label use for COVID-19. It was. He recommended that people consult their doctor concerning taking it.

It is a drug that has been used safely for other conditions for decades. From what I understand we have an abundant supply of it, though there were shortages at the beginning, and it is inexpensive. I even heard reports on the theory of how it and certain antibiotics used together were thought to help combat the virus.

As far as I know in modern history we have never shut down a country for a pandemic. The effects have been devastating especially for the poor and small businesses if you're not deemed essential. Stimulus help in the short term, but if people stop making things there will be nothing to be had. Yet, according to the media, if you challenge this new "wisdom" of shutting down, you want to kill people. Trump's bad for wanting to open the economy; he wants to kill people is what they seem to infer. But Andrew Cuomo, the media it seems wants to promote, quite callously required nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients. Nursing home patients are among those at high risk that we are supposed to be trying to protect.

A bad economy is bad for Trump. So why is the media attacking a plentifully available low-cost drug, that has been used safely for other conditions for decades, that might help many? They have been attacking it (an example would be continually putting forward flawed studies on its efficacy) not just urging reasonable caution, like consult your doctor. It's like they don't want people to ask about it or consider it. It seems like they are afraid that this administered in the right dosages with the right timing with the consultation of a doctor who knows you, might prove to be an effective remedy to the virus for the many, and this crisis that they hope hurts President Trump will be short-lived.

I'm asking the question, because from what I'm seeing this looks like a possible motive. I just hope when this is over we're not in a situation where we find out that this drug would have helped most cases but people were scared away from even asking about it.

John Demakowski


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Alan Moon

In 2005 the National Institute of Health, led by the same Dr. Fauchi, published a report that showed Cloroquine was very effective against the SARS virus, a close cousin of covid 19. Virology Journal, August 22, 2005 entitled "Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS Infection and Spread" This is not a new application of this drug against flu like viruses. It's only because President Trump has hyped it up that some people are against trying it.

Paul F

This was a Petri dish study ("Conclusion: Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture." [copied directly from the article's abstract]), not a human trial. Lots of potential "treatments" look promising at the cell culture stage, only to prove ineffective when moved to human or even whole animal trials. It's not Trump's touting of possible treatments that people are against, it's that he pushes things based purely on anecdotal "evidence" (which is not really evidence) and cites his favorite "experts" ("people" are saying; "doctors" are saying). Newsflash: Doctors are usually not scientists/medical researchers, and their office observations are about as useful as yours or mine at determining causation.

Alan Moon

Sorry, but you lost your credibility when you admitted your prejudice against Trump. Therefore your opinions are likely colored by TDS and not worth spit. I'm not a doctor either and you could use all the conflicting information out there to make a case for whatever will back up your opinion. Trump has the best medical minds in the country advising him how to handle the situation. Hate is easy, passing blame is easy. Trump warned us about the disease during the State of the union message, remember the one Pelosi ripped up? If more people were listening instead of trying to impeach him maybe we could have gotten a jump on the situation.

Paul F

To Alan Moon (my reply is here because the paper didn’t give that option after your comment): Re-read my comment, and you’ll see that I didn’t say that “I” was “against,” I said “people” are against (you know, like Trump always says.). And nothing I wrote was simply my opinion. Trump does tout “cures” based on purely anecdotal evidence; the study you cited was done in a Petri dish; and one can’t just “use all the conflicting information out there to make a case for whatever will back up your opinion.” People who understand how to interpret the flurry of research we've been seeing know that the information is not so “conflicting" as it is just mostly incomplete. The only study, so far, that’s given us a fairly clear answer about what works is the one completed on Remdesivir. Most previous studies either lacked comparison conditions, or were not blinded, or were just too small to draw any reliable conclusions. Good studies are not “in conflict” with bad, or preliminary, studies. I realize that lots of scientists are eager to “win” the COVID treatment or vaccine race, so I don’t blame them for putting out inconclusive results. But It’s important to know when to get excited, and when to reserve judgment. Trump’s “best medical minds” have been telling him which is which, but he doesn’t seem to pay much attention, especially when he doesn’t like the answer.

Paul F

John Demakowski said he first heard of Hydroxychlorquine from Trump (which tells you a lot), and then he "heard" other thing about it from here and there. John, you should stop listening and start reading, and I'd suggest you start right here, with an article published in Fox News: "The World Health Organization said it will temporarily halt global trials of hydroxychloroquine – the malaria drug President Trump said he was recently taking to prevent the coronavirus infection – and chloroquine after a study showed that hospitalized coronavirus patients taking the drugs have a higher mortality rate."

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