To The Daily Sun,

I watched the presidential debate last night. I thought the commentary on it from both the left and right was dreadful. It's like they are gearing their commentary to the most ignorant audience, and at that not trying to inform them so that they can make the best choice, but to merely reinforce their ignorant already existing opinions. Or perhaps they're just overpaid people who just don't have the understanding to do the job that they are being paid to do. Or perhaps I'm am just being naive in thinking that their job is to help people to see the truth.

First off, I think we need to have a clear understanding of where our country is. There are strong forces at work who would like to see our republic destroyed. There are many even in the church who don't understand the importance the Christian Church, Christian morality, and Judeo Christian institutions, such as marriage, have had on the survival of our republic. Or of the protection that the U.S.A. has provided for the freedom of religion for all people.

This is what is at stake. The forces that want to destroy America can be clearly seen at work in our nation. If you want to reform a nation you work to pass legislation to make your laws more fair and just. If you want to destroy a nation you teach your children and adults that the nation is corrupt and has been from its founding. You destroy its symbols and rewrite its history. You take a people group and tell them they are victims and incite them to riot. You control the media so people have limited or no access to the truth so that they hear only the "official" narrative. You shame anyone how dares to think for themselves as a racist, a bigot, or a fascist. Once you have made the people compliant you remove the protection that they have known under their constitution and you are their rulers and they are your subjects.

At any rate here's what I saw. With the powerful forces at work to subvert our nation; which candidate is the stronger is not just incidental, it is of major significance. Who can stand better against the forces that would destroy our nation is at the heart of this election. In this case, President Trump was the hands-down winner of last night's debate. Come on! You don't advise your candidate that he should forgo further debates if you thought he did well in the last one. Can we be real?

John Demakowski


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What I see clearly is individuals, such as yourself with extreme views and rigid mindset are what is most dangerous in our country,

It's religious zealots like yourself, combined with the ignorance you have just shared with the public, as well as your adulation for the most corrupt, dishonest and racist bigot I have ever seen in the office of the Whitehouse in my life, is what I find most disturbing and the greatest danger to a free and lawful country that respects all individuals rights and freedom.

Try listening to FDR's Four Freedoms speech in which his hopes for " a world founded up four essential freedoms" and maybe you will learn something - freedom of speech and expressions; freedom of religion; freedom from want; and freedom from fear.

Joe Biden exhibits these worthy traits and ideas, and there is nothing in Donald Trump's racist bigotry that comes close to the ideals of what's best in America.


Thoughtful and coherent, his ilk will fail or willfully ignore the truths you've presented.


Trump is a child bride.

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