To The Daily Sun,

IΒ have never met Rep. Dawn Johnson, but have closely followed her travails in the news. I believe her to be a caring, honest person with conservative views, who posted a meme without any knowledge of its origin or racist image. When it came to her attention that it was not what she thought, she immediately deleted it and apologized. My problem is that there were trolls constantly monitoring her posts, waiting in ambush for something to be offended about. It even took one of them the time to research the meme's origins and original format. When such was reported, the immediate reaction was to "hang the witch" with more trolls jumping aboard (some no doubt well-meaning) and before researching any further immediately labeled and demanded she disappear (and worse). Included is Ruth Larson who has in the past claimed to be the victim of a similar reaction. To all these persons I say "shame on you" . . . you demonstrate the worst type of bigotry. To Ms. Johnson, I say that I may not agree with all your views, but thank you for an honest, heartfelt reply.

Jim Valtz


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Why else would a democrat even go on a republican's facebook page (or website, other than to find dirt?

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