To The Daily Sun,

President Joe Biden is succeeding at failure. Soldiers died in Afghanistan. They did not have to die. They are dead because of an incompetent, uncaring, unqualified president. The blood of many is on the hands of President Biden. Most of the military are ashamed of the commander-in-chief.

Are Reps. Annie Kuster and Chris Pappas calling for impeachment or resignation of President Biden? Have any of you heard from Sen. Maggie Hassan? Do they care?

If you read, watch television, listen to the radio or go to a restaurant, you will experience the anger of the American people. President Biden showed complete disrespect at the arrival of the dead soldiers by constantly checking his watch. Many of the parents chose not to meet with him.

There is a long list of his failures: Afghanistan, surrender of U.S. weapons, defunding police, border crisis, inflation, gas shortages, gas prices and high crime rate. Please remember President Biden is the leader of the Democratic Party.

We need our representatives and senators to be bold and call for the resignation of President Biden. If they want to continue blaming others for his failures, then we must vote them out in 2022.

Maybe someone can answer a few simple questions? Who is telling President Biden that he is not allowed to answer questions? Who is running the country?

If President Biden wants to unite the country, resign.

Jim Mayotte


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Man you give me so much ammo 🤣

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