To The Daily Sun,

We Americans value our freedom to make good choices for our families and our communities. The Freedom to Vote Act ensures that every American who is eligible to vote has the freedom to vote. What is the difference? By providing minimum national standards for registration and voting, the Freedom to Vote Act will make the ballot box more accessible to all eligible Americans across the country.

Here in New Hampshire, some folks were unable to vote easily in 2020 because of disability, lack of childcare, or limited job flexibility. Because our state has not modernized with online voter registration, for example, registering to vote relies on face-to-face engagement with an election official. Absentee registration, allowed last year due to COVID-19, is a complicated process. Difficulty registering is a needless barrier, and it means that although these Granite Staters have the right to vote, they do not have the freedom to vote.

Fair and equal access to the ballot box is important so that our families and our communities are heard in the NH legislature and in the U.S. Congress. Our vote means we have a say in the issues that matter to us, such as affordable health care, good jobs, quality education, and an end to the pandemic.

Polling shows that Americans of all political parties support these values.

Our senators need to hear that you support the Freedom to Vote Act, too: Sen. Maggie Hassan 202-224-3324. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen 202-224-2841.

Jay Newton


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This is the Republicans plan!

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