To The Daily Sun,

I have written well over 30 letters focusing on facts. I have come to the conclusion that for many, perception is more important than truth. I have a lot of friends who are Democrats and though we don’t discuss politics often the subject does come up. When it does both sides are respectful and listen to the others point of view. I find it fascinating that what’s important to me is unimportant to them and vise versa.

Case in point: recently my wife and I had friends we’ve known for over 30 years come stay with us for a few days. We had a great time hiking, sightseeing and visiting. My friend is highly intelligent, well read and current on politics. He started the conversation with putting down the president for a recent tweet. When I voiced my concern about the Work Force Participation Rate (WFPR) declining under president Obama’s administration he was unaware of it. So, I pulled up the BLS website on my computer and showed him the chart.

Next, we went over the increase in health care costs over the last 10 years and ended with the fact that the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TC&JA) was going to cost the rich more and put more money in the pockets of the lower income earners. He agreed on all my points and countered with “Trump is just not presidential,” “He says stupid things all the time” and provided multiple examples I couldn’t refute.

So, there we were. I’m looking at him saying I don’t care if he puts his foot in his mouth on a regular basis, because he’s giving people a hand up. And he’s looking at me saying how can you support someone that has no filter on what comes out of his mouth? As I said it was eye opening and gets me to the point of this letter.

Recently I wrote a letter to the editor and the title was “Democrats decide based on rhetoric, Republicans on results.” In it I listed all the facts as to why “in my opinion” the current administration is doing a better job for the economy than the previous administration. Well I struck a nerve with someone because they came back with another letter claiming it to be “fact less.” I take exception to his claim. I take great effort to research and present facts that can be backed up by numbers not rhetoric. To make a blanket statement like that is irresponsible and dishonest. If he has data that contradicts mine, he should provide it so a debate on the issue can be had.

It seems that those on the left who want to see this president fail choose to ignore the facts and stick to the rhetoric. Case in point again is the writer’s comment that “When is it okay to be a liar, a con-artist, assaulter of women and a hateful SOB,” referring I assume to President Trump. What do all those attributes have in common? They are all opinions based on rhetoric. I wonder if the writer even realizes that his letter supported the very statement, he called ridiculous?

I’ll close this letter with something to think about. As a Christian I’ve tried to live by “Love they neighbor as thyself.” It breaks my heart listening to all the hate in the media towards this president and how it is dividing the country. There is story after story about how virtually everything he says or does is rooted in hate and therefore it is “righteous” to hate the hater. It is not! We can have different opinions and still love one another. If you don’t believe that take a hard look in the mirror for the source of the division in this country. If we can no longer have an honest debate on the critical issues facing our nation then we will fail together. I’m a senior citizen and the last time I saw our country this divided was in the 1960s. We got through that and we will get through this but it has to start with love. 

Bruce Jenket


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Did it break your heart when the right wing writers and pundirs spewed hate and lies about Obama. And Obama had class. Trump had none. Fact is, unlike you, most Amerucans want a president with morals and character. You sound like someone orsusing the fascist Mussolini because he got the trains running on time. A hand up, eh?


I can assure you once Trump is out it will be better.


I cannot wait! He is so despicable, immoral and sociopathic. Malignant.


Many can not wait to see this disgusting fat faced cheez it sassy away! 👍🏻

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