To The Daily Sun,

Politicians caught in wrongdoing typically try to deflect attention elsewhere. Rep. Mike Sylvia’s May 9 letter is a perfect example of this. On the defensive for his dishonesty and malfeasance concerning Gunstock and the delegation legal bills, he tries to shift attention away from himself and onto others.

His attempted distraction involves a 2020 situation involving the Sheriff’s Department. Two investigations were conducted, with the results kept confidential and no action taken. The sheriff requested another investigation, and the County Board of Commissioners (including me) ultimately voted in favor. The initial cost estimate was $10,000, and the Commissioners specified that the ultimate cost could not exceed the Sheriff’s Department appropriation. The eventual cost was well over the estimate but still within the appropriation. Throughout this, none of the Commissioners were in contact with the hired investigator. My only role that stood out was my repeated and minority preference for transparency, to make everything public.

In contrast, the current matter involves Reps. Sylvia and Norm Silber obtaining delegation approval to hire a law firm whose role would be limited to defense against the Gunstock injunction request, with a maximum expenditure of $20,000. Not only were both of those terms violated, but the second one was violated even before the delegation voted to hire the firm.

Silber and Sylvia proceeded to have innumerable communications with the law firm, later appointing themselves, without delegation consent, the “control group” to justify secrecy concerning their emails. That secrecy, which continues today (despite the fact that the underlying matter was dismissed) is not only from the public but also from fellow delegation members.

In 2020, I did everything I could to inform the public. In 2022, Silber and Sylvia are doing everything they can to keep information secret. What are they hiding?

Hunter Taylor


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