To The Daily Sun,

I just read a troubling letter from Mr. Matt Coker of Meredith entitled, “County delegation has been overrun by extremists.” At first I was shocked and concerned as I am a member of the county delegation, and my first thought was for the safety of my fellow Representatives. As I took the time to read Mr. Coker’s letter I realized there was a problem, but not the one pointed out by the author. I knew I had to respond.

I don’t usually engage in disagreement with constituents as I feel people have a right to their own opinions, however they do not have a right to their own facts! Mr. Coker is simple incorrect. The N.H. House of Representatives voted unanimously to condemn the violence on the 6th of January in Washington D.C. With zeal and haste he conflated two entirely different votes. What he was undoubtedly referring to was a vote to suspend the House rules, which must be done by a roll call vote.

Yes 35 of us, including myself voted nay to the rules being suspended. See, as a Member of the House of Representatives I have a responsibility to Know and understand what I am voting for or against. I will never vote for something I know nothing about. At the time of the roll call vote to suspend the rules I had not heard a word about the goings on in DC, thus my Nay vote. By the time the actual vote to condemn the violence occurring in our nation’s capital came about, we had time to see what was occurring and thus the UNANIMOUS vote to condemn the violence in DC.

Here’s the troubling part. The time and effort Mr. Coker spent to craft, and submit his letter he could have as easily contacted his Representative and asked what happened. In fact he could have contacted any of the nay sayers. As public officials our contact information is readily available including, phone numbers, e-mail, text, and snail mail. I know that, I for one welcome inquiries from folks and answer them as they come in. Call us, that’s what we are here for.

While I still have your attention, the county delegation has not been as you put it sir, “overrun with extremists.” Quite the contrary, we were all voted in by the people of our districts. I won my district with the most votes! I doubt that the good people of Belknap County would put extremist of any kind in the State House and County Delegation and to suggest so is again just not accurate.

Perhaps a phone call instead of venom next time?

Rep. Gregg Hough

Belknap District 3, Laconia

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