To The Daily Sun,

I’m getting so tired of these crybabies who have to get offended by everything. They all need to grow up and go get a life. Spend more energy trying to do something about and fix the real problems in the world. Not get offended over every little thing such as songs, kids shows, etc., because of certain things about them that they claim send a wrong message. Worry about what really matters.

We’ve grown into a bunch of whiners who get offended over the stupidest crap that doesn’t even matter. It seems like they only get offended by what’s been out for decades, but all of a sudden it is offensive; however nobody complains about what’s on TV lately or what passes for music nowadays, which is far worse than any of that older stuff. Music especially, just the same recycled garbage now. What comes out today, it’s all about sex, drugs, crime, or violence. Total crap. I don’t even have cable TV because it’s gotten so bad.

So stop getting offended by everything, stop having your dumb demonstrations over crap that doesn’t matter. Life is too short for the constant picking apart of everything. I know it’s your freedom of speech, but exercise that right wisely for things that actually matter. Not just to get on your soapbox and complain, then try to get others to join you. Rant over.

Dee Morrissette


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Protests and demonstrations have repeatedly led to important social and legal changes. They generally succeed over the long haul and sometimes even short periods. In other words, you have to be kidding! "Stop demonstrating!" and exercising your free speech says the person who supports our dictator wannabee authoritarian at 1600 PA Ave. And stop being such a crybaby about speech and beliefs you disagree with.


Coming from the black kettle itself.....

Alan Moon



EXPRESSION!!! Get over it Moon.

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