To The Daily Sun,

Professor Cracraft made his emotional case for open borders, basically blaming prevention of such on President Trump and all others who want to adhere to the rules of law that exist pertaining to immigration.

Immigration laws are basic to virtually every sovereign nation and are enforced routinely. For those who would like to review the migration issue dispassionately, here are two links that will provide a bit of un-emotional clarity. The first is a Roy Beck Video that illustrates the immigration generosity of the United States. It can be found at this site: (

This next link is to an article in the National Review that provides a factual account of the border situation:(

I don’t believe there is any argument that our immigration laws need to be re-thought and re-written. The problem is that Speaker Pelosi and the House of Representative Democrats don’t want a solution to the problem, they want an issue they can use to flog the president. For two years, the president has been asking for a re-write of the laws . . . perhaps Cracraft can use his professorial influence to convince his fellow Democrats to act for the good of our country.

Bob Meade


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