To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest a letter to The Daily Sun two weeks ago from my friend, Jennifer Anderson, announcing her candidacy for the Laconia School Board. As someone who spent 23 years in higher education, I wholeheartedly endorse and support Jennifer’s candidacy. She is a planner, a critical thinker, a proven educational leader and someone who cares deeply for her community and its students. Her academic achievements speak for themselves as do her many community involvement efforts. Jennifer is not afraid of challenges and constantly searches for, then implements, workable solutions. She is adept at working within budget constraints and providing educational opportunities and solutions for all of her students. How would I know these traits about Jennifer? I personally observed them time and time again at Lakes Region Community College as well as in the Lakes Region business community. One example from many. At LRCC, we found that people who had been out of high school several years working and raising families were sometimes reluctant to try college-level courses. One underlying reason seemed to be their belief that an average or poor academic performance in high school years earlier meant, in their minds, they could not do college-level work. Attempting to prove them wrong, we tried something at LRCC that had never been done before. We offered a tuition-free, three-credit college introductory course to 20 such students. In order to prove our point, we had to have an instructor who could not only teach the material but could empathize, mentor and inspire the class to success. The choice was obvious: Jennifer Anderson. Jennifer enthusiastically accepted the offer to teach this course to older students, prepared the curriculum and delivered the course with dedication and clarity. It was, in my opinion, an unqualified success and proved to the class members that, indeed, college success could be achieved with the teaching excellence and guidance of the right instructor. This real-world example showed the type of teacher and person Jennifer Anderson is: prepared, informed, creative, innovative and compassionate. She understands the importance of education for success in the adult world and how to foster student success. She would be an outstanding member of the Laconia School Board where she would bring her experiences and abilities to bear on the challenges facing the school district. I am pleased to endorse Jennifer Anderson to the voters of Laconia.

Don Morrissey


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