To The Daily Sun,

I was reading the article regarding the restaurants dying for help, they're not the only ones. Every person I talk to says their place of work can't get help or keep the ones who do apply and get hired. They figure out that it's not what they want to do, it's boring, the work is too hard, or they just decide staying at home is better. Why work, when the government keeps giving out free money? Many of these people are making more money than they ever did just staying home on their duff collecting a check. They're going up the creek without a paddle when the free money faucet goes dry, and they have to find a job, but by then there might not be any jobs available because it slows down in the winter or the jobs have already been filled. Even before COVID, it was hard for a company to get help, because nobody wants to work anymore. It's too easy to just get on the public dole. It's been that way for years. I know of many able bodied people who can work but choose not to. This is not the narrative this country was built on. Unless the work ethic we had 50-100 years ago comes back, this country will eventually collapse. The ramifications of that happening won't be pretty. Now this vaccine mandate is just gonna be yet another excuse for people to not look for a job, because they don't want the jab. There's plenty of jobs that have under 150 employees, or whatever the number is. Grow up, get over yourselves, and go find a job! No one owes you anything.

Dee Morrissette


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Alan Moon

The Wallmart warehouse is advertising for help at up to $28 an hour. Imagine being so stupid lazy not to start there, we're raising a generation of losers.



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