To The Daily Sun,

Democrats live in a fake, future, fantasy world powered by clean energy from the sun and the wind. A world likely more fatal than the one we all now live in. They yell their hate of mining in its every form. Mining is, indeed, a dirty, earth-ripping, often water-polluting environmental hazard where humankind continually weighs benefit versus harm. Consider these few MINOR DETAILS required for a carbon-free world and the unintended consequences that come with it.

Detail 1. Wind, solar equipment and electric batteries are not made from materials that are environmentally friendly or biodegradable. The International Renewable Energy Agency calculates to meet the 2050 Paris Accord, old solar-panel disposal ALONE would more than DOUBLE the TONNAGE of all plastic waste produced globally today. That’s in a world and ocean described by climate alarmists now as a floating garbage dump to the point alarmists demand plastic straws and grocery bags be banned because we’re destroying the planet. Yet its OK to produce millions of tons of new plastic waste annually from solar panels?

Detail 2. A single electric car battery weighs about 1,000 pounds. Manufacturing just ONE requires digging up, moving and processing FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS of material somewhere on the globe. For perspective, the world has ONE BILLION CARS with car count exploding. The alternative to this environmental catastrophe: GASOLINE. With Gasoline we dig up, mine and process ONE TENTH of the material to get the same number of vehicle-miles driven over an electric battery’s 7-year life.

Detail 3. Every unit of wind- and solar-produced energy requires far more more energy and materials to produce it than fossil fuel. An ugly solar farm of plastic and glass a mile wide, stretching to the farthest horizon of human sight, can be replaced by a handful of gas-fired turbines not much larger than a tractor-trailer that can sit on a few acres of land. Another not small advantage. The turbines can run with zero sunshine for a year and not a whisper of breeze for a year either.

Detail 4. Building ONE wind turbine requires 1,800,000 pounds of steel, (that’s a huge pile of iron ore with a lot of digging), 5 million pounds of concrete, and 90,000 pounds of plastic. Just to be clear, solar panels to supply the same unit measure of outputted energy vs. wind, requires even greater amounts of all those materials. Environmental Russian roulette mining for the limited supply of earth elements is going to explode globally. Highly dirty global silver mining and indium mining is already forecast to jump between 250% and 1,200% globally to meet projected near-term demand to support these endeavors.

Detail 5.The Dutch government conducted a study last year. It concluded its own Green initiatives would consume a good portion of critical path earth elements available. The Congo produces 70% of all the world’s cobalt. China supplies 90% of all cobalt refining in the world. With solar, wind and electric batteries, the Congo and China replaces OPEC as AMERICA’S NEW albatross to energy sustainability and availability. Horizontal FRACKING just created America’s new energy independence and lower costs. Now Democrats want to destroy it (and millions of high-paying jobs with it) so more American lives can be sent in harm’s way to ensure American’s newest form of energy DEPENDENCE moves to ASIA from the Middle East. Who thinks the Chinese are going to bend (think Trump and tariffs) to our energy demands when they still have hundreds of millions of people yet to experience the joy of a light bulb, as does other parts of Asia.

America’s biggest challenge is simply THINKING without brain-destroying POLITICS guiding us down another RAT HOLE of outcomes.

Tony Boutin


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