Knowing that advancing his far-left agenda could possibly cost Democrats control of the House and Senate in 2022, President Biden’s handlers are now directing him to go full speed ahead with a “study” of the Supreme Court. Allow me to translate: Democrats want to increase (pack) the Supreme Court with additional liberal justices appointed by them. The goal being to negate the current 6-3 conservative advantage. For those not familiar with the Supreme Court, justices are appointed (not elected) for life, and serve until they retire or die. Pretty much anybody can be a justice – you DO NOT need a law degree to be on the Supreme Court. His announced “study” commission members are mostly highly-partisan liberals who agree with going in this direction, so the result of this “study” is pretty much predetermined. Without spending a lot of time here, this is an especially bad idea that will make the court just another political branch of government, rather than the independent branch originally intended. I have asked both our senators if they intend to oppose this action, but they have not indicated they won’t. I urge everyone to email, call, or write both Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan and tell them to vote “no” if this actually comes to pass. Our constitutional rights are only as strong as the justices on the Supreme Court. DO NOT take for granted your First, Second, or Fourth amendment rights, all of which are currently under attack. Or for that matter, any of your constitutional rights. Democrats objected profusely when Trump urged Mitch McConnell to eliminate the Senate filibuster rule (which McConnell wisely chose not do), but now they would do this in a heartbeat if they had the votes (they don’t – at least right now). This would allow justices to be confirmed on a simple majority vote, rather than the super-majority needed now. Democrats only play by the rules when it benefits them. When they don’t, it’s “change the rules”. The job of a Supreme Court justice is to interpret the Constitution to determine if legislation created by Congress violates it’s intent, therefore making it unconstitutional. Liberals feel the constitution should be a “living” document, changeable at their whim, rather than the conservative view, which is that it means what the written words say. We can only hope that at least a couple of Democrat senators will put America before party and not support packing the court, but recent history isn’t encouraging. DO NOT underestimate the importance of this issue. The future of the country hangs in the balance. If you value your freedoms, do not stand idly by and allow the leftists to prevail – unless you want us to become Venezuela – or worse.

Chuck McGee


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beware of any party trying to pack the supreme court. The instances it had grown had been done out of malfeasance, a direct and unabashed and unapologetic episode of sour grapes. A child and their temper tantrum. Living by a set of rules, and when those rules don't go your way, you change them on everyone else by cheating.

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