To The Daily Sun,

Well, the 2020 election has come but it's not gone. Will it ever get resolved to everyone’s satisfaction? Probably not! This election was not a referendum on president Trump but rather on the media. CNN, MSNBC, etc. have spent the last 4 years delegitimizing the 2016 election and covering up the failed policies of the Obama/Biden administration. Now president elect Biden and the left leaning media are calling for unity. Is it unity or submission they’re asking for?

Unity is when all people work together. How can the democratic party and left leaning media call for that after spending the last four years dividing this country? They advanced false narratives that President Trump colluded with Russia, this country is systemically racist, that police target people of color, antifa and BLM are virtuous and the destruction of public and private property is necessary to make positive change in this country.

How did the media push all of these bogus claims on the American public? The simple answer is propaganda. Here is the definition. “Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.” The media’s gradual alignment with the democratic political machine started during the Clinton administration. Whether it’s Jeff Bezos purchasing The Washington Post or Michael Bloomberg’s ownership of Bloomberg News. In the 2020 election according to the Washington Examiner 90 percent of all political donations by media employees went to democratic candidates. Note that the list included Fox News and the New York Post.

I write letters to the editor to provide facts because truth is necessary for unity. It appears to be a futile effort but it’s not. People know the media is dishonest. Here is an article by PEW Research which is one a few neutral media sources. Here are 3 key points. Sixty-seven percent of 10,059 Americans believe the media presented factual information to favor one side of an issue, 56 percent believed they published breaking information that hasn’t been verified and 37 percent reported made-up information intended to mislead the public.

Case in point was the left leaning media’s claim in October that the Hunter Biden story in The New York Post was Russian misinformation. CNN, NYT, Washington Post, etc. mocked the NYP story as fake news. Google blocked it and twitter censored users from spreading it. Last week the Biden campaign released a statement that Hunter Biden is under criminal investigation. So, the media lied again! Nothing new but it had major repercussions.

The incoming Biden administration will be tainted with exactly the same allegation the Trump administration faced. Being an “OPERATIVE” for a foreign hostile nation. Will the Biden administration face three years of scrutiny by a special council? Or will the FBI, DOJ and media give him a free pass sighting “plausible deniability?” If the media reports a hoax as a crime and a crime as a hoax that’s collaborated by a complicit FBI and DOJ our democracy is lost.

Bruce Jenket


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For Christ sakes, will nitwits, give it up!

Trump lost big time and his incompetence and corruption are going to go down in the history books making him the absolute worst President in history, worse than Hoover, Nixon or anyone else.


You lost butter cup.

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