To The Daily Sun,

Truth is like a lighthouse. You can’t see it in a storm but when the sky clears it stands out as beacon of hope. Impeachment and insurrection rhetoric is the metaphorical storm of today.

The MSM is debasing itself on a daily basis. Over the last 2 month they sold a “mostly peaceful” protest as an “insurrection” against democracy. How did they do that? Through lies and exaggeration. Here are a couple of links detailing the 5 killed during the DC riot. It was the centerpiece of the impeachment sham. and The first is from the NY Post (right-leaning) and second from the NY times (left-leaning). Read both and look for the subliminal messages. For those that don’t do independent research, here are the key points.

NY Post quote: “A US Capitol Police officer also died after “physically engaging with protesters,” according to a report.” Originally, on Jan. 11, the NY Times reported: “He died the day after he was overpowered and beaten by rioters from the mob at the Capitol” and “Law enforcement officials said he had been physically engaging with protesters and was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher.” They updated that article on Feb. 22 and changed the cause of death to “mace or bear spray.” Since when did mace and bear spray become deadly weapons? Without the “murder” of a Capitol police officer the MSM’s narrative comes apart, so they persist.

To further bolster the insurrection narrative, Congress erected a 3-mile-long wall that’s 12 feet high with razor wire on top to “protect” democracy. From who? This is just another form of propaganda. Think about it. If there isn’t a threat of insurrection, you build a wall to convince people there is. It’s deviously brilliant because it’s the perfect cover to ignore why there were Trump supporters in DC on Jan. 6.

The reason was to protest “alleged” voter fraud. That point has been mostly lost due to lack of coverage. If it wasn’t for the MSM attacking Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell (the My Pillow Guy) all “fraud” allegations would be buried by now.

What other things aren’t getting reported? How about the Durham report exposing the Russia collusion hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop, the investigation into Jeffry Epstein’s clients to “pedophile isle,” president Biden’s bribing the Ukrainian president while VP, the list goes on.

What do all of those “non-covered” stories have in common? Answer, they are all in hands of the FBI. The longer these questions go unanswered the more apparent is becomes that the FBI is protecting one political party while prosecuting the other. The one thing Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. have in common is an alignment of government officials, law enforcement and the MSM. Looks like America can be added to that list. Will Rudy and Mike have to go to prison for “free speech” before Americans realize the MSM is the storm obscuring the lighthouse (truth). I pray not!

Bruce Jenket

Moultonborough, NH

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Truth is disinfectant to lies, and for all you say about truth, by what you wrote you wouldn't the truth if it was staring you straight in the face.

I'll give you a free word of advice, stay away from any QAnon websites or propaganda; and get yourself educated to the facts.

January 6th and the Trump Cult members who deserected our Capital Building and tried to interfere with Democracy should all be jailed and that includes Donald Trump, Junior, Rudy Giuliani, Mo Brooks, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Madison Cawthorne and anyone else involved in encourage that group of misfits and traitors to attack and ransack our Capitol Building.

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