To The Daily Sun,

My last letter, , focused on how Democrats and the main stream media used deception to extract “commitment” from citizens for the BLM movement so they will “consistently” support their agenda. That is only one third of the story. The following chapter in the book “Influence” explains the concept of “Pluralistic Ignorance.”

The author explains it as follows, “pluralistic ignorance is when each person decides since nobody is concerned then nothing is wrong. With that knowledge, they can cruise confidently through a myriad of decisions without personally having to investigate the detailed pros and cons of each.”

I’ll add the corollary of “Pluralist arrogance” which is when each person decides since everybody is concerned something must be wrong.” So, who is the “nobody” in pluralistic ignorance and “everybody” in pluralistic arrogance? It’s the self-appointed MSM.

Using those two principles here is how the MSM lead us down the path to critical race theory. After every killing of a black by police the MSM immediately blamed the police of racism. Democratic lawmakers, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc. joined in unison to condemn the police as racist and anyone claiming otherwise as racist also. Hence, “Pluralistic arrogance” was set in motion. Those relying on the MSM to do their thinking for them take the easy route of zero investigation and accepted their findings as fact based on “pluralistic ignorance”. The circle is complete.

The flip side was equally effective. As BLM and Antifa went on a six-month rampage last year, the same Democrats and MSM pretended like it was “mostly peaceful” protests. This Wikipedia link stated “this was the highest recorded damage from civil disorder in US history.” Yet those “committed” to BLM narrative wanted to be “consistent” so they ignored the deaths, $2 billion in damages, attacks on police, beatings of civilians and looting of businesses.

The riots have subsided, but the narrative was set. Police are bad and BLM is good. The solution for Democrats is to defund the police and indoctrinate our youth with critical race theory. Their task is meeting resistance because it’s not based in truth. Caucasians are not all racists and blacks are not all oppressed. Just look around, there are blacks and Caucasians on both sides! It’s “character,” not color, that is at the root of this deception!

There needs to be an awakening in this country. The MSM is a tool used by Democrats to control we the people by inciting hate towards those with opposing views. Unity can only happen when truth is sought and false prophets exposed! Begin by researching “who” and “what” is being censored. Remember, evil flourishes in darkness.

I’ll close with a prayer. God, help us all to listen to others, be fair, unbiased, compassionate and humble. Help us to speak out against injustice, prejudice and oppression. To admit when we’re wrong and stand our ground when we’re not. Help us speak only the truth and recognize falsehoods. And God bless America. Amen.

Bruce Jenket


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Do you even know what you are talking about?


You remind me up a skipping vinyl record. CRT is right on. You just can't handlle the truth. No righty can it seems. CRT will do fine. You right wing crazies are all running scared from historical and societal facts. Your narratives don't stand up

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