To The Daily Sun,

I have written this letter in hopes of shedding a much needed light upon the current state of virtues held by the common American and New Hampshirite alike. As a young man coming of age, it is easy to fixate on the negativity that surrounds what is considered to be normal, average, or morally acceptable today. When considering these circumstances, and the pursuit of self indulgence that has become normal in much of the country, it is important that we see these problems for what they are, and that we understand what has led to the unfortunate circumstance that we are now facing. That circumstance being an increasing percentage of each generation failing to engage in civics, failing to understand and care about their local history, and failing to become what we would consider to be a strong individualized citizen with a capacity for self restraint and discipline.

The ability to self reflect and understand the greater socio-economic repercussions of our actions in relation to the example they set for those who look up to us is paramount to the preservation of the New Hampshire way of life.

We must ask ourselves, “What am I doing today to set an example and ensure that the men and women of tomorrow understand what is necessary to preserve the ideals which we cherish”? If we have failed to provide an answer to that question it only follows that we ask “What can I do tomorrow to ensure that future men and women don’t make the mistake that I did today”?

Our government and our communities rely upon citizens primed to take on the struggles of life in healthy ways, and to remain sufficiently civically engaged to ensure that just government is maintained and that our rights are preserved for our children so that they may do the same.

There is great wisdom in the local men and women of old who once shared this land with a mutual respect for liberty. Rev. Samuel Williams of the New Hampshire Grants and later Vermont, a well distinguished political and military leader of the American Revolution, perhaps said it best when he wrote, “Ye people of the United States of America, behold here the precarious foundation upon which ye hold your liberties. They rest not upon things written upon paper, nor upon the virtues, vices, or the designs of other men, but they depend upon yourselves; upon your maintaining your property, your knowledge, and your virtue ... In this state of society, everything is adapted to promote the prosperity, the importance, and the improvement of the body of the people. But nothing is so established among men, but that it may change and vary. If you should lose that spirit of industry, of economy, of knowledge, and of virtue, which led you to independence and empire, then, but not until then, will you lose your freedom: Preserve your virtues, and your freedom will be perpetual!"

Brendan Bunnell

Center Harbor

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Alan Moon

We need more of this kind of thinking.

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