To The Daily Sun,

I can't resist giving Chelsea Divers an "atta-girl" for her cohesive approach to us dog owners who relish the opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature at her finest right here in our backyard.

I've been a dog owner for 11 years. "Brady" and I were newbies when at our first outing he fell through the ice along the shore and drew on his instincts to paddle his way to safety. Chelsea nailed it when she commented on how the best of dogs are drawn to a scent irresistible from their heritage. "Brady" was following my friend's dog who was trusted off leash to guide this little puppy. Over his early years we were often at Ahern, with or without friends, off leash. (It didn't hurt that he'd been trained to Therapy Dog level.)

I don't feel that way anymore. The picnic tables where "Brady" could escape from a friendly visitor are gone; the atmosphere has changed, especially in the summertime. Tourists now stream in and park themselves for the day with dogs that are not only unknown to us, but likely to be of the adventuresome type; parked cars with strangers alone do not elicit a comfortable feeling. Ahern is not the only location for a downward slope — the boat ramp on Messer Street suffers the same circumstances.

I can't improve on Chelsea's perspective or suggestions. I have only one question for her: Are you interested in running for office?

Claire L. Hebert-Dow


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