To The Daily Sun,

My boyfriend and I went to see "Jay and the Americans" on Sept. 4 at the new beautiful Colonial Theatre that was recently renovated. I love all the dressy artwork with golf leafy designs, and the crown stripping next to it decorating the walls! The balcony areas are so nicely designed for those who are up above. It's true what I read - there is no bad seat in the place!

The music was wonderful, and Jay and his team belted out some beautiful rhythmic songs that brought back special memories of young love. Their American attire was so classy and flag-themed to match their name. I loved the red leather tie-up shoes as much as I loved all their stripes and flag-decorated ties on the band's blue dress shirts.

It was just a special night for us to be a part of a renewed history of a theater that was closed for so long, only to have a vision of someone who cared enough to invest millions into restoring it.

A big thank-you to Brandon Canon, the director of strategy and business development of Spectacle Management. His vision to make this theater come alive once again with old and new trim and beautiful artwork!

The generosity of the city of Laconia in helping with the funding of this project to make it happen is so appreciated! And to the Putnam Fund for giving us this popular band for free! What would we do without you? You folks have given us plenty of free entertainment over 17 years that I've been here. A night out sponsored by the Putnam Fund is certain to be a great night.

Thank you all for doing a wonderful thing for all of us who love concerts and plays.

Ann Chabot


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