To The Daily Sun,

Goodbye freedom, America's heading toward a communist nation, with President Joe Biden’s reckless spending every taxpayer or retiree will pay dearly. The rich can't help even part of the huge deficit he’s giving the U.S. in only nine months. Biden’s beliefs are anti-American: defunding police, letting career criminals free, leaving our supplies in Afghanistan before our troops were removed, 13 military personnel dying needlessly, drone killing innocent civilians. His son's money laundering with China — no qualifications, plus making twice as much now daddy’s in the White House for his “art.” Making us energy dependent, for the first time in 50 years under President Donald Trump we were energy independent. Soaring unemployment, job non-creations. He doesn’t know how to lie without a teleprompter, which is why he doesn’t speak more than 10 minutes, eyes get glossy and he needs a nap. Biden is a complete failure, they should stop asking dead people for his approval rating.

Fear's a great motivator paralyzing people to comply. Biden’s actions are beyond impeachable. Letting illegals flood our country is more than enough in itself. Democrats lie, their sheep follow. Babies die from COVID when their mothers were vaccinated, liberals deny this. Vaccine mandates are equivalent to mask mandates — not for everyone, yet liberals will continue to cry we all need to be vaccinated even if you have a medical condition, are pregnant, have religious or common sense beliefs. All Biden needed to do with the border was NOTHING. He stopped the wall from completion that could’ve been done during President Trump’s first term, but all the bogus impeachment nonsense wasted time and money and corrupted Democrats against one of the best leaders the U.S. has had, and they’re paying the contractors more money to not work. Regarding the 2020 election: Obama got 3.5 million less votes when he was reelected, President Trump got over 11 million more votes, yet supposedly lost. Every state needs to be lawfully audited. Recently over 58,000 people showed up in Iowa to support, see and listen to Trump. Biden still can’t get eight people to listen to his blunders and flat out lies — we were told Biden won the election by a corrupt media. Supply chain is getting crippled in stores, inflation is skyrocketing everywhere in every way. Major crimes in liberals cities keeps increasing daily. Also in the last 9 months, military suicides have increased.

Canceling Christmas is Grinch-like — every year it arrives just the same. Coal shortages, cancel culture, critical race theory which is a theory only is now being taught in high schools, weakening student's brains and infiltrating that junk into the military is a deadly mistake, Biden doesn’t care. Power is too much of a motivator for whoever’s behind the dopey harmful anti-American policies that are being thrust into our lives.

Alison James


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