To The Daily Sun,

What a complete disgrace Democratic Governor Cuomo is, saying President Trump gave N.Y. the coronavirus. Everything Cuomo asked for he got: ventilators, money, testing, a makeshift hospital via the military, docked in N.Y. harbor. Built to 2,000, it had 10 patients on it before it was sent away four months ago. Cuomo instead sent Covid patients to a nursing home and killed thousands of residents living there. He blames President Trump for his utter failure.

Last week, Democrats selfishly voted against giving money to still-shut-down small businesses in a small relief package made for Americans by Senate Republicans.

For the uninformed, non thinking babies, President Trump never disparaged the military; the mainstream media flat out lied to you and you sucked it up like a cheap vacuum on steroids. President Trump gave $2.5 trillion to strengthen our military. When asked. he sent military troops to arrest rioters in Kenosha, WI, where the problem is now significantly less. President Trump brought our troops home from Afghanistan, there’s 4,000 now and Iraq is down to 2,000 U.S., troops thanks to our actions.

Seriously, ask yourself from a common sense and logic perspective if this sounds like someone who’d debase the military that he highly respects and has only helped, not to mention the veterans' bill signed by President Trump; vets no longer have to wait sometimes years for medical attention that Obama caused with his lack of leadership for eight years.

President Trump did more than anyone could’ve regarding Covid-19. Any thinking person knows China gave it to us, then deliberately said nothing for months. Over two solid months,President Trump held press conferences with asinine media questions everyday for 2-3 hours. With his foot on the gas, all 50 governors got what they needed. He kept us informed and didn’t cause unnecessary panic by being the leader we need. And even with his calm, professional manner, Americans went nuts buying toilet paper as it was going out of style, cleaning supplies by the thousands. For anyone to even consider Biden (of all people), would or could do better, stop drinking the Kool-Aid and open your eyes.

Presently 80,000 unsolicited ballots sit in a garage in California: voter fraud. Absentee ballots are fine — to a specific person. Democrats have pets, dead people, persons voting multiple times, and prisoners vote for them. Liberals should’t (but will try to), cheat their way into the White House.

Undue fear continues. If wearing masks was the survival answer to anything, why's every state in the union not completely open, including schools? Democratic-run states want government bailouts. Liberals hate self-sufficient hard workers who don’t depend on government. Like little tots, Democrats enjoy being told what to do and how to think because in their small minds government knows far better than them. No wonder they hate President Trump. Liberals continue to appease their non-thinking voters with lies, cheating and blatant corruption.

Alison James 


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