To The Daily Sun,

One of my favorite meteorologists out of the Boston stations over the last couple of decades has been Mish Michaels. I remember her from her tenure on WBZ channel 4 from 2001 until 2009. Well, to no one's surprise, given today's highly politicized media, Mish has just been fired from her job as a science reporter at WGBH-TV new's program called, "Greater Boston." Jim Braude, longtime esteemed left-leaning host of this show, raised concerns about whether Ms. Michaels was right for the job after she had already been vetted and hired. General Manager Phil Redo and executive producer Bob Dumas listened to Mr. Braude and they changed their minds. Braude was quoted as saying that she was just not a good fit for "Greater Boston." This information came from a report from Boston Globe reporter, Mark Shanahan. Another report from another Boston Globe reported, David Abel, claims that she lost her job because of her views on climate change and — shudder — vaccines.

So get this folks, "conservative meteorologists" are more skeptical of climate change than "liberal meteorologists." Ed Maibach, director for the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, apparently claims these climate change-denying meteorologists are not convinced about the science being settled, only because of their political ideology. Oh, and don't you just love the name of that indoctrination center?

Tim Kelley, longtime weather forecaster at NECN, a self described "student of climate change," said, "it's alarming that you can be scapegoated or branded as a denier." Yes, how dare she claim that the science is not settled regarding something as complex as the ever-changing climate. The article by David Abel goes on to report that Ms. Michaels said, "I never stated that humans do not have an influence on our climate." The article goes on to say that "environmental advocates" are disturbed about those skeptical meteorologists not agreeing that the "science is settled." And again, don't you just love, love, love the semantic silliness of the cult-like progressive left? "Environmental advocates" sounds so very Sierra Club warm and fuzzy doesn't it? Of course, it's okay for the leftist media to misconstrue the words of Ms. Michaels because we all know that "fake news" stories can only come from the "far right," right?

Mark Rosenthal, another former Boston area meteorologist from station WCVB, channel 5, has voiced his intense displeasure over the shabby treatment of Mish Michaels. Mark of course, can be heard daily on your 1350 am, WEZS radio dial, along with such wonderful folks as Niel Young, Tom Brown, Michael Savage and Dennis Prager, but I digress.

Well, let me tell you, Mish Michaels, Tim Kelly and Mark Rosenthal had better watch themselves. Remember when the Democrats tried to introduce a bill to go after those awful climate change deniers? Thank God for Donald Trump's victory over the peerless paragon of political expediency herself, Hillary Clinton. Let's hope that Barack Obama's shadow government won't gain too much power. Oh, did you think he and Michelle were going to ride off into the sunset like George and Laura Bush?

Anyway, here is the bottom line as put forth by the closed-minded, dogmatic, money-grubbing leftists, according to yours truly: "The science is settled and don't you dare put to the test our politically biased, politically funded and scientifically doctored findings." Because you just might lose your credibility, livelihood and freedom of speech.

Russ Wiles


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