To The Daily Sun,

After reading Danusha V. Goska's review of Douglas Murray's new book, "The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity and Islam", I am now even more convinced that the progressive left will not stop it's destructive ways until it has completely destroyed Western Civilization. Danusha points out the basic facts in Murray's book about how Europe voted in socialist leaders who promised cradle-to-grave benefits after the two world wars, due in large part because they were awash with guilt. So in came cultural relativism and multiculturalism. Then Europe's elitist leaders promoted diversity and somehow believed that open borders and putting down it's own culture was virtuous. Simultaneously, they began promoting the notion that "non-European" cultures were superior to their own.

All of us who are actually paying attention to the decaying of Europe, are incensed that so many of our politicians appear to be ignoring what is happening there and are copying the same blueprint here in this country. Europe is being overrun by migrants and a disproportionate number of them are Muslims. Muslims have far more children than do Europeans. The majority of Muslims who have been migrating are young males who have the wherewithal to navigate the treacherous path from their own nations into a European country. Most of those Muslim men do believe that their culture is superior and so violence and murder are necessary evils with which to gain world domination.

One does not have to be a mathematics savant to realize that Europe is committing cultural suicide. The citizens of France, Germany, Italy and Spain, among others, want the tide of open immigration to cease now. The European elites are ignoring their own citizens and are forging ahead with their grand plan of open borders. I have read excerpts of Bruce Bawer's 2006 book, "While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within." I also have .Mark Steyn's 2008 book, "America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It." Both are clarion calls to wake up, fight the good fight and "live free or die" It really is that simple a concept, as our own General John Stark declared during the dawn of our great nation.

Folks, we are rushing headlong down the same road as Europe, driven by our own self-destructive elites who are also ignoring the wishes of it's citizenry, because again, they also lust for open borders. Why, because they also have guilt ridden themselves into believing that our own Judeo-Christian, American culture is immoral and needs to be replaced. Who is most harmed by this mind numbing madness? As Danusha reminds us, it is the weak, the old, the women and children who are left behind in those Muslim countries. While in Europe and the United States, it is the women, children, homosexuals, Jews and Christians who have been and will be harmed by the rapes, honor killings and mass sexual assaults committed against our own citizens and those in Europe. Danusha and Douglas provide ample evidence of how much of this assault and carnage by believers in Islam has already taken place in Western civilization.

More people who believe that it is our Judeo-Christian heritage that is morally superior to other cultures must speak out. More people who believe that Marxist social engineering from the left is behind our moral decline and weakness must also speak out. Our country is now 241 years old and has been the most marvelous religious, social and cultural masterpiece that has ever been visited upon this planet. If you think it is worth preserving, then you might want to let other people know while free speech is still a touchstone of this wondrous experiment that is America. Actually, it is time to scream from the treetops!

Russ Wiles


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