To the editor,

Based on the people I know who are tea party activist, I always suspected there was a "tinge" of racism with tea party members. But after reading the article in Friday's Laconia Daily Sun ("New regional planning initiative has drawn the ire of tea party activists" — pages 3 and 4), I now know it is part of their platform. The section I specifically refer to is a comment attributed to Tim Carter, co-leader of the Lakes Region tea party in which he says HUD would use the Granite State Futures program to increase the size on the state's non-white population. Yes, it does say "non-white".

Like Mitt Romney's 47-percent comment, I had to read the paragraph several times before I could believe what I was reading. As a life long resident of this beautiful state, I am offended by Mr. Carter's comments. It wasn't that long ago that prejudices against the Irish, Italians, Catholics and Jews were tolerated. I urge all voters to think hard and to think long before casting a ballot for any candidate that is affiliated with the tea party. We don't need bigots in our town halls, the statehouse or in Washington.

Denise Terravechia


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