My wife introduced me to the Lakes Region. She has many great memories of the Lake in summer, and this was why she wanted me to come here on weekends — to travel around, see the sights, and experience the natural splendor of the area. It’s hard not to fall in love with the Lakes Region. 

We bought a sweet little place in Gilford where we started to get to know the area. Going to Walmart was almost a treat compared to the one we frequented in Massachusetts, because the employees were friendly, and the store was clean. Meadowbrook was right here with great music, the views of the Lake were awesome, you could see Mount Washington from Gunstock Hill Road, and everyone we met just seemed to be super friendly.

So we moved here. 

As in every other place I’ve lived, I became a frequent writer in the local papers. This is where the ignorance became evident for the first time. Islamophobia. Homophobia. Racism. Bias. Misogyny. The stench of fear from people who are terrified that their quiet Caucasian existence might be threatened; that somehow those with differing opinions threatened God himself. The ongoing expression of thought that would have felt “normal” in the 1940s and 1950s regarding reproductive rights of women that come out of the mouths (and pens) of old white people stuck in some kind of static time bubble. People desperately afraid of immigrants and homosexuals and the impending minimization of whites as our birth rates shrink and the birth rates of immigrants and other “undesirables” continue to rise.

There’s an appalling number of people who carry guns in public and brag about it as though New Hampshire is the Old West (in fact gun control was rampant in the Old West). A serious lack of medical care. Confederate flags on trucks display astounding ignorance, with bumper stickers displaying proof of a lack of education regarding this country, how and why it was founded, and an amazing lack of empathy or compassion for the rest of the world.

But why?

Fear. Fear as thick and fluid as molasses. Fear is the backbone of most bullies, who act out to make themselves feel big and strong when the reality is they’re simply cowards — afraid to face the world without something to bolster their flagging manhood. The brutal dictators of this world are great cowards. So is the person walking through Walmart carrying machetes while wearing a MAGA hat. The slovenly guy in Shaw’s with a 9mm strapped to his leg while wearing pajama pants. The loser who shot and killed a friend’s beloved pet. The coward who insulted my dead mother and flails about with empty threats about “the Government trying to take away his guns”. The invertebrates that threaten an older woman for having an opinion. It’s that mindset that sets this area apart.

But then ... It gets worse.

Now comes the multi-faceted bigotry, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism of one Ryan Murdough. A man who believes that blacks and whites shouldn’t be in the same schools; that the Holocaust was a hoax (my Grandfather experienced it firsthand when he entered Dachau and took photographs where you couldn’t differentiate between the living and the dead). Ryan is once again going to run for State office as a Republican on a “Fear and Loathing” platform. His freedom of speech is guaranteed, but he won’t talk to newspapers unless they think like he does. Readers of this paper have previously defended him in letters. Why? Because they fear the same things. BECAUSE THEY AGREE WITH HIM. Things like: 

“I refuse to sit back and watch the state I love turn into a Third World dumping ground while traitors and Anti-Whites try and silence anyone who opposes it.” 

“We condemn the shooting in New Zealand but to be honest we really don’t care about dead Muslims. We care about our own people and we are sick of your third world culture ruining our nations.”

“We do not support violence toward anyone but we are sick of Jews promoting third world invasions into every White nation, but we are tired of our women being raped and murdered at the hands of your pet Africans.”

New Hampshire ranks 14th in the U.S. with a two percent Jewish population. Of the 56 states or territories that make up the United States, New Hampshire ranks 47th with less than one and one-half percent of its population being African-American. Perhaps Mr. Murdough should consider moving to Montana with its 0.67 percent population of “pet Africans”. It also ranks 44th with Jews. Have a nice trip, Ryan.

Do you think Mr. Murdough is alone in his hate? He’s not. It’s a problem across this entire country. Look at the shootings! If you think he’s justified in his fear and cowardice then YOU are part of the problem. If you are terrified of Muslims (like Steve Earle is) then YOU are part of the problem. If you are in love with your guns (like Alan Moon is) then YOU are part of the problem. You wonder why no one wants to invest in industry in the northern half of this state? You wonder why jobs are hard to come by in this area? You complain about visitors from Massachusetts and Vermont and New York, when it’s their dollars keeping you afloat up here. Why are heroin and fentanyl such an issue here? It’s the reality of a miserable existence that leaves so many cold and dead inside from an omnipresent hopelessness. You can see it in their eyes.

You know what makes New Hampshire ugly? You do … by sitting idly by and letting this crap continue. By staying silent. By living in fear. By spreading hate. Or you can act like real Americans and excise this cancer before it spreads.

What’s it going to be?

“Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance.” ~~ Nathan Rutstein

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