LACONIA — A meeting to mend fences between the local Jewish community and State Rep. Dawn Johnson, a candidate for mayor, derailed Friday before it could begin, with sides disagreeing over whether Ira Keltz, who is president of Temple B’nai Israel, could and should be part of the meeting.

Keltz, in a letter to the editor, said Johnson came with two supporters, including State Rep. Norman Silber of Gilford, a former Temple member, and Johnson campaign advisor. Silber said Johnson would only meet the local congregation’s Rabbi Dan Danson, and not with Keltz, because, as one of Mayor Andrew Hosmer’s panelists on a mayoral debate tomorrow, Keltz has a conflict of interest.

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I think Mr. Keltz made a sincere attempt at trying to give Dawn Johnson a chance to show some contrition, but it's been pretty clear that she is good at one thing and that is being totally disingenuous.

Dawn Johnson feigns ignorance at the link to the article and the cartoon it contained, but you can't be that dumb to go into an Anti-Semitic Website which is clearly a proponent of hate against the Jewish community and say you didn't know what was in there.

How would Dawn Johnson not know anything about that contents, when you wallow in the sewer, you know what the stink is from, and it is pretty clear, Laconia doesn't need a racist hater in our School Board or as Mayor.

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